Asset Management

Financial Planning

Assistance with Philanthropic Activities

Mentorship Program

Family leaders share their knowledge of business topics, as well as developments in the global and local economies and the opportunities and threats these represent. They  also share their hopes for the future generations, instilling values that will perpetuate the family legacy. 

International Diversification

MDFT is the vehicle through which the Drake family, with businesses heavily concentrated in the Bahamas, United States, Mexico, South America and Africa, manages to diversify its geopolitical risk and protect its wealth for the future generations.  

About us

Mildred Drake Family Trust began as a small operation, focused on managing the wealth generated by existing businesses and investments and is now run by Mrs. Drake's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are also her financial advisors and wealth managers  Over time, as the wealth increased, roles and responsibilities within the family office evolved, reflecting the range of skills required to manage different types of assets effectively and to do a better job of responding to the family leader's objectives.